Marketing goals giving you a headache? How affiliate marketing achieves them all

Tuesday, July 16, 2024 at 11 am ET Tune in to hear how the affiliate channel has evolved into a gateway for novel advertising solutions and ecommerce technologies. And meet a selection of these businesses to find out first-hand how they’re helping online brands transform their sales and marketing efforts.

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Your Cheat Sheet for the Best Performing CTV Strategies

Join Allie Lindly of MNTN as she shares key insights from MNTN’s first-party research. She will be reviewing how top advertisers have found success on the MNTN platform, how to apply those learnings to your own CTV campaigns, and provide the blueprint you need to make the most of the TV screen.

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The Power of Consolidation for Cost-Effective, Real-Time Insights

In this webinar, we will explore the benefits of consolidating data analysis tools to provide real-time insights, discuss the challenges faced by ad tech companies in managing large datasets, how consolidation can simplify the process, and more.

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DO Cross the Screens: Why Digital Marketing Channels Work Better Together

Join us to discuss how an omnichannel approach to digital marketing can drive (and enhance) performance across every screen your audience is glued to. We’ll also explore why CTV is the perfect anchor point for establishing a cohesive marketing strategy that can extend messaging from one channel to the next (and back again).

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The CTV Questions You Didn’t Know You Should be Asking

Join Ben Brenner, VP of Solutions Engineering at Digital Remedy, for an engaging session on the CTV questions that brands and agencies should ask potential performance marketing partners on cost, campaign outcomes, reporting, and incrementally.


2024 Preview: AI, Consumer Behavior, and the Latest in Ad-tech

Join Nola Solomon, SVP of Go-to-Market at Criteo, for this educational webinar as she discusses the trends for 2024 and how Growth Marketers should prepare accordingly.


How to Meet your Best Customer… Again.

Join Jason Oates, Chief Business Officer at LiveIntent, to learn how to enrich the customer experience and exceed expectations, as well as unleash untapped revenue potential with cutting-edge monetization tools.


2024 Trends and Planning – Introducing an ID-less World

Thursday, January 11, 2024 at 11am ET In this webinar, dive into the world of programmatic media buying strategy and gain a comprehensive understanding of how to navigate the changes in the advertising ecosystem. Stay ahead of the game and equip yourself with the skills needed to thrive in the evolving advertising landscape of 2024.


Unveiling the 2024 Sponsored Products Benchmarks: A Roadmap to Retail Media Success

Wednesday, April 3, 2024 at 12pm ET In this webinar, you will explore seasonal trends, ad inventory distribution, and the strategic use of sponsored products across different product categories. Attendees will learn about the opportunities and gaps in sponsored product coverage, as well as the top categories maximizing ad opportunities.


Must Read

Inside The Fall Of Oracle’s Advertising Business

By now, the industry is well aware that Oracle, once the most prominent advertising data seller in market, will shut down its advertising division. What’s behind the ignominious end of Oracle Advertising?

Forget about asking for permission to collect cookies. Google will have to ask for permission to not collect them.

Criteo: The Privacy Sandbox Is NOT Ready Yet, But Could Be If Google Makes Certain Changes Soon

If Google were to shut off third-party cookies today and implement the current version of the Privacy Sandbox, publishers would see their ad revenue on Chrome tank by around 60% on average.

Platforms Are Autogenerating Creative – And It’s Going To Be Terrible

This week, we’re diving into the most important thing in advertising – the actual creative – and how major ad platforms are well on their way to an era of creative innovation. Actually, strike that. I meant creative desolation.

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Comic: TFW Disney+ Goes AVOD

Disney Expands Its Audience Graph And Clean Room Tech Beyond The US

Disney expands its audience graph and clean room tech to Latin America, marking the first time it will be available outside the US. The announcement precedes this week’s launch of Disney+ with ads in Latin America.

Advertible Makes Its Case To SSPs For Running Native Channel Extensions

Companies like TripleLift that created the programmatic native category are now in their awkward tween years. Cue Advertible, a “native-as-a-service” programmatic vendor, as put by co-founder and CEO Tom Anderson.

Mozilla acquires Anonym

Mozilla Acquires Anonym, A Privacy Tech Startup Founded By Two Top Former Meta Execs

Two years after leaving Meta to launch their own privacy-focused ad measurement startup in 2022, Graham Mudd and Brad Smallwood have sold their company to Mozilla.