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  • The State of Media Execution for Independent Agencies

    Framing the Complex Landscape of Digital Media and Path to Agency Growth Are you ready to navigate the complex landscape of digital media and drive your agency’s growth? Download our comprehensive report, “The State of Media Execution for Independent Agencies,” conducted by Pathlabs in collaboration with AdExchanger. This report is an essential resource for independent […]

  • Commerce Media at the Tipping Point

    Commerce media is now among the fastest-growing areas of the ad industry. At the start of 2024, AdExchanger partnered with Fluent to survey more than 150 decision-makers from leading brands, agencies, and publishers serving a range of industry sectors. The results of that survey are part of a new report that provides key insights, including […]

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  • Beyond the Buzzword: The Impact of AI on Advertising

    It’s hard to think of another industry that will be more fundamentally impacted than advertising. The hyperscale data processing and analytics demands of the modern ad tech ecosystem present the perfect problem for which AI can create myriad solutions. But the deafening buzz on AI makes it hard to find a meaningful signal amid the […]

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  • Optimizing First-Party Data for Publishers & Advertisers

    Publishers at the Helm – Addressability and Audience in the Era of Privacy In this report you will get insights into the state of monetization. The insights cover inventory challenges and goals, pricing & revenue benchmarks, data privacy and publisher ratings of various audience solutions.   Dive Deep into Publishing’s Addressability and First-party Data Challenges: […]

  • How Brands, Agencies and Ad Tech are Powering More Sustainable Digital Advertising

    Environmental Sustainability Will Reform the Digital Ad Ecosystem. But How? Sharethrough and AdExchanger partnered to survey leaders from brands, agencies, and ad tech companies on how sustainability pressures and initiatives are already reshaping their business practices. We focused on four essential questions:     How is the digital ad world reacting to sustainability pressures? Thought […]

  • How Brands are Tackling Decreasing Consumer Trust in Advertising

    The landmark shift toward privacy is turning the digital advertising industry on its head. A definitive 98% of advertisers say they’re concerned about online privacy and identity changes negatively impacting customer and audience trust. Permutive teamed up with AdExchanger because it wanted to understand: Where do we go from here? What followed was an in-depth […]